Horse & Herd Equine Enrichment Co.

It might sound little bit cheesy, but we want to spread joy. We believe that giving a horse one of our products will put a smile on your face and one in his or her heart. Caring for and loving a horse, can be one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking things one will ever do. All we want to do is add some sweet and nutritious joy into the bewildering mix. That is why our product is dedicated to happy horses and the wholehearted folks who love them. We understand and are right there with you.

Kajsa Wallin, Founder
Horse & Herd was started in 2019 by native Swede and lifelong equine enthusiast Kajsa Wallin. H&H is currently a one-woman-show run out of a small manufacturing building on a ranch in Southwest Montana. The Lick Treats are crafted in batches of eight and the handmade production process ensures the highest quality in durability, taste and appearance.

Inspired by happy horses - For the love of horses