Q. How do I hang my H&H Lick Treat?

A lick treat can be hung to swing freely from any solid horizontal pole, post, beam of fence. For the longest lasting enjoyment for you horse, hang treat at head height from a 3-5ft sturdy rope (twine has a tendency to not hold up) in an area where the horse can not pin it against a wall. If these hanging option are not easily available, you may hang the treat against the wall, just be prepared it might not last as long, since the horse will be able to slowly nibble away at it instead of having to lick it. Either way works!


Q. My horse's nose became sticky. How do I clean him up?

With all natural ingredients, cleanup is a breeze. Soak a sponge or a rag in warm water, gently rub, and any mess is cleaned up within seconds.


Q. Is there a a recommended daily intake of H&H Lick Treats?

A horse turned out on pasture may graze for up to 16 hours per day. A 1100lb horse would then consume at least 110lbs of grass, which is equivalent to about 4.4lb of sugar per day or 125 grams per hour of grazing, depending on the quality and life stage of the grass.

There are 750 grams of sugar in one nutritional lick treat which would then be equivalent to 6 hours of grazing and one treat lasts on average 1-3 weeks.