Ingredients & Benefits

The benefits of feeding Horse & Herd Lick Treats to your horse.

During our modern times, it can be hard to fulfill your horses natural need to graze in order to keep their mind and gut engaged for the majority of the day. If out on pasture, horses naturally may graze for up to 16 hours per day, promoting continuous saliva production and a healthy, engaged mind. Our lick treats encourages your horse's natural grazing instincts in-between feedings resulting in a happy, healthy, and relaxed horse.
If your horse has already developed habits such as, stall walking, cribbing, destructiveness or other behaviors associated with boredom and stress, H&H Lick Treats may aid in reducing or eliminating such behaviors.


Each Horse & Herd Original Nutritional Lick Treat is made out of the following ingredients.

  1. One and a half cup of organic whole oats. We get them from Big Sky Organic Feed. Their feed is made from top quality grain grown predominantly on the high plains of north central Montana and the surrounding region. The challenges of a semi-arid climate and short growing season combine to produce some of the highest quality grain in the world.

  2. One cup of Big Sky Organic Feed alfalfa pellets. Even though the horses fed our treats might gobble down other feed just as fast, we here at Horse & Herd are proud to support these family run organic farms.

  3. One half cup of Triple Crown Golden Ground Flax Seed. We chose to use a company with a long standing record of trust and quality within the equine community to be our supplier or this “super feed”. Flax Seed is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and is a natural weight builder for your horse.

  4. Two cups of cane sugar and one cup of corn syrup. These are the binding agents to the treat, and in part what makes them irresistible to your horse. But of course, in true equestrian fashion, we only use as little as possible, but as much as needed.

Our collection newcomers

-Omega-3 Flax Seed Lick Treat- only has 3 ingredients (!) with 5 cups of stabilized ground flax seed in each treat. - Himalayan Pink Salt Electrolyte Lick Treat- has all the goodness of the Original Treat with added pink salt for the extra nutritional benefit.